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Our Synthetic Shutter have been test to the following standards

UL94-2006, “Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials” (Vertical Burning Test, V-0, V-1, or V-2).
NFPA 701 Fire Test (small) 2004 Edition “Standard Methods of Fire Test for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films”/
Results: Pass

Flammability in accordance with procedures outlined in California Administrative Code, Title 19, Section 1237.1 Original Condition.
Conclusion: The sample that was submitted meets the flammability requirements.

The tests mentioned were carried out by QAI a California Sate Fire Marshal certified testing lab. Accredited by many government an private organizations. The accreditation’s are available on their website that can be viewed here www.qai.org. California certification is available at the Office of the State Fire Marshal website at www.osfm.fire.ca.gov.strucfireengineer/pdf/lab/approvedtestinglas.pdf

Our synthetic shutters are registered flame resistant product (F-59402) with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Office of the State Fire Marshal.

High R-Values

R-Value testing was done on the Synthetic Shutters and Premium Shutters Advantage by Geoscience, LTD. Accredited by many government and private organizations. Accreditation can be accessed on their web site at www.geoscienceltd.com. The test were carried out by using the Heat Meter Method (ASTM C-518).

Using a standard Premium Vinyl Low-E 366 Argon Double Glazed Stationary Casement Window, the Com-parative Competitive R-Value for our Synthetic Shutters is 4.44.

Using a standard Premium Vinyl Low-E 366 Argon Double Glazed Stationary Casement Window, the comparative Competitive R-Value for Premium Shutters is 4.5.

When calculating the R-value for the single pane window system under normal inside and outside ambient conditions, the R-value is close to 1.0 When you add the closed Synthetic Shutters system R-value to the window, it almost double the window system R-value that reduces the heat flux by nearly a factor of two. This reduced heat flux is significant energy saving of window heat losses or gains.

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